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ULP Co., Ltd. started camping business to advance to leading company by striving the popularization of hardware and software and established camping culture concentrated on a certain age group as a real leisure business that three generations can sympathize with.

  • Acquired Green & Joy stake
  • Started camping business
  • Changed the name of Camp Mecca
  • ULP Wonju Chiak Caravan Resort opened
  • Top-Glamping Development
  • ULP Gongjiam Experience Academy Glamping Resort Opened
  • Top-Glamping Patent and design registration completed
  • ULP Yeoncheon Godae mountain camping resort opened
  • ULP Opened 'Resort for You in Hongcheon'
Based on the existing transportation, packaging, trailer manufacturing, overseas logistics, and environmental business, ULP Co., Ltd. acquired Green and Joy which has experience of operating camping grounds and supplying glamping (holding patent) and changed its name to Camp Mecca, The main purpose of business is to be a center of trust and innovation in the existing Glamping/Caravan through establishing a stable business structure by establishing management participation system and operating system, and developing profit model.

Changes in the domestic tourism promotion policy of the government and life style

  • Drive the "Love My Country Travel -Love Korea" campaign at the government level to promote and strengthen support for domestic travel
    (2014 Tourism Week Selection Support Policy, etc.)
  • Increased leisure time due to more companies working five-day work week (mandatory for government 5-day work week)
  • 68.6% of workers who work five days a week spend leisure time with hobby and leisure activities (Korea Recruit Research)

Increased preference for camping trips

  • Currently, the number of campgrounds nationwide is estimated to be about 900 (about 230 dedicated auto camping sites)
  • Approximately 2,000 camping club members are active, including about 2,000 camping clubs. More than 5 million will be expected in 3 years
  • In 2010, the domestic camping-related market was estimated to grow by more than 100% from around KRW 200 billion to KRW 500 billion in 2012

Increased travel for family-oriented travelers

  • Expansion of theme-based camping travel trends with increasing number of family-stay travelers other than visiting family / relatives
  • Increase in travel population due to the spread of short-distance travel

Expansion of camping travel culture centered on amenities such as glamping

  • Expansion of a new leisure culture at reasonable price beyond existing travel patterns such as condominium / pension
    (increase of auto camping population)
  • Increase trend of family type and well-being type travelers focusing on nature experience