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Product Name
(2nd generation top glamping)
Model Name Indoor deck size(m)
(Horizontal X vertical)
External Deck Specification(m)
(Horizontal X vertical)
Tarp specification(m)
(Horizontal X vertical)
Total dimensions(m)
(Horizontal X vertical)
Deck standard size
Total weight(Kg)
Glamping L UCMTG-L1 4.0 X 4.0 4.0 X 2.5 6.3 X 8.0 4.0 X 8.0 X 3.5(H) Amount

What is ULP Top-Glamping?

  • It is strong!   - Strong steel frame structure
  • It is strong in snow, rain, wind!   - High-tech material tent
  • Easy to install and move!   - No welding design / Bolting fastening structure
  • Four seasons available!   - Cooling, heating, winter: floor heating, inner tent, exterior wind-wall, British fireplace-type heaters
  • It is luxurious!   - Use of luxurious interior fixtures
  • ULP Top-Glamping resistant to fire
    - The steel frame structure does not collapse in fire.
    - The material of fire-resistant [Flame-retarded material] was used.
      (MBC test result shows that the flame-retardant material is partially burned off) - 2015. 03. 24 MBC News
    - It is easy to evacuate by securing entrance of sufficient width in front and rear.
    - This product has passed the test scores of domestic large companies.

Glamping Specification

Tarps and inner tents

  • One touch folding device during typhoon
  • Special fabrics are strong against snow, rain and wind
  • An order-made fabrics as strong waterproof, flame retardant, antibacterial, PU coated, seam sealing process
  • The wide space of the tarp and inner tent ensures the air permeability and heat shielding effect of the wind.
  • Good ventilation and mobility with front and rear access
  • Design as a one-piece tarp and wire so combination of unshakeable tarp and frame


  • Complete frame structure by mechanical design
  • Special design for easy assembling, dismantling and moving installation without welding (patent application)
  • Glamping frame and deck, floor heating integrated design
  • Adopting frame and fixing reinforcement device against typhoon and heavy snowfall (patent application)
  • Prevention of inflow of rainwater during heavy rainfall
  • 75mm steel plate with powder heat treatment painting
  • Frame and deck integrated reinforcement design


  • Four seasons available floor heating installation
  • The finest interior based by flow planning
  • Bunk bed and bottom sliding bed (optional)
  • Luxurious interior household furniture fitting
    (Antique audio, fireplace, refrigerator, LED, TV, etc.)
  • According to the outdoor environment, imported Japan cedar custom-made wooden bed and all furniture
  • High-grade finishing such as deco tile on floor heating instead of deck wood finish

Installation examples