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SCM Logistics Hub

1. Parts sales by 3rd party logistics - Bonded Warehousing and Logistics of US Parts Manufacturers in China
2. Semi-finished parts supply Supply of semi-finished parts for outsourcing of Chinese factories
3. Field assembly sales of semi-finished products On-site assembly sales available in distant areas or in areas
    where trailers can not enter
4. Technology transfer and patents Educational expenses through guidance of interior and saddle technology
    of Chinese factories. Distribution of sales profit after development of new model, sale of new product
    through patent registration and royalty income

Chinese Market Analysis - 4 Major Tourism Development Projects
  • Absence of accommodations except hotel (condominium, pension, motel, etc.)
  • Culture of preference for eating out (maximization of additional income when campsite is built)
  • Guarantee and actively encourage national holiday and vacation
  • Silk Road, Mt. Paektu (Changbai Mountain), urban camping site

Shandong Province Camping Leisure Promotion Project
  • Yantai Top Mountain Group Top Mountain Park Camping Site Project
  • Weihai Peoples Government Project
  • Yongsung Hwaetai Car Camping Site and Sample Platform
  • Qingdao National Park Eco-Cabin Camping and Leisure Tourism Project
  • Rizhao Camping Site Project

SCM Logistics Hub Operation
  • Construction feasibility of mass production system
  • Acquiring technical capability for preemptive market advantage
  • Reducing risk from securing safety stock
  • Securing primary processing site for inefficient process
  • Construction of factory and warehouse in China bonded zone
  • Longeocheon bonded factory / warehouse utilization on the eastern coast
    (Cost competitiveness secured by logistics cost reduction)

China Camping Market Status

China Outdoor Market Research Status of 2014
Category 2012 2013 2014 Rate of change
Gross turnover 145.2 180.5 200.8 11.28
Other distribution channels 26.5 35.6 46.9 31.74
Ex-factory Amount 73.9 96.8 109.7 13.35
Local Brand Ex-factory Amount 37.4 50.2 57.1 13.75
Foreign Brand Ex-factory Amount 36.5 46.6 52.6 12.88
SCM Logistics Hub Operation

Existing conditions : Moving from each part location to the site after production
  • Generating excessive logistics costs in accordance with US local small aggregates
  • Purchase difficulty against individual parts suppliers

Distribution hub : Direct movement from each component location to the distribution hub after production
  • Reduction of unit price and logistics cost by single container loading
  • Ensure timely response to safety stock

Revenue model
From a third-party logistics point of view, a Compaks bonded warehouse located in Youngsung City Revenue model that provides parts supply and semi-finished goods processing supply by utilizing caravan as a parts logistics hub. JVC business model involving US Highlander (HRG), China Compaks and ULP

Knock down type parts supply system Core parts / design / interior / whole assembly process management / New model development and R & D
Distribution Hub(Warehouse)

  • ADDRESS: 1229 E. Walnut St. Carson, CA 90746
  • Warehousing space of 30,800 Sq. Ft
  • 4 Trailer & 1 Ground docks

  • Strategically located near airport & sea ports
  • Inside Fencing for added security
  • Customized warehousing solution available
  • 24 hour CCTV monitoring
  • Gated entrance onto facility
  • Onsite trucker available
  • 24/7 accessibility if needed
  • U.S. Customs Bonded Warehouse
  • Equipped with theft & fire alarm