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▶ Air Caster System
( Air Pad )
( 에어패드 뒷면) ( Air 릴선 )

Out-line of Air Caster system and the operating principle
 Air Caster system is innovative system which is to put compressed air in to specially manufactured cushion and it blows air to the surface to easily move heavy weight equipment by reducing friction on the surface

Merit of Air Caster System
  It easily moves regardless directions
  Effectiveness is very high because it is applicable to the new product
  It is very effective since there is no need of rail or crane which needs bigger space.
  Various good applicable ( moveable from 0.1ton upto 1000ton heavy weight cargo
  It makes possible précised positioning control and at the same time, It saves great deal of energy
  There is no damage on the floor because there is no concentrated load.
  Maintaining cost can be minimized and no additional shifter is need
  It moves in a narrow passage and move 360 degrees standing
  It is possible to move without shock, noise and dust.
  Investment cost can be reduced