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Reduction in Logistics Cost
In case of domestics product, select packing method based on ULP Truck type
  - Thermostat control and Wing body loadable shipment are to be packed as
  surface dressing
- Consideration to recycle wooden pallet
Shortening operation Time
Shortening operation time through Packing + Transport Management
  - Reduction cost through planning operation time planning when operates
  heavy cargo Responsible Management
Responsible Management
It is possible to quickly compensate for indemnify by surveying cause and problem.
Optimization in Packing
Reduction in Transport Cost through packing
  - Optimization by using expressway
  ( Controlling not being driven on national route )
- Minimization in quantities with optimized packing
Improvement in operation
After delivery review operation Contents and feed back
  - Planning for further improvement and supplementing point check
- Improvement by recording