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Houses and Stabilization of livelihood
Support housing fund : House purchase fund and House rental fund at low interest
Local worker : Support for rental house for Executive position and rental deposit for (employee)
Factory worker : Dormitory provided
support for congratulations and condolences : Personal wedding, Family wedding, 60th birthday anniversary all sorts of congratulation and condolences Leave for condolences granted
Support for the school expense : Children in Middle, high school and University
Company life support
Employee restaurant : offers company meals for every business site
Support Transportation Expenses : Supply cars for Sales men, communication Expense support
Supply gas expense those who drives his car for commute
Reward for long year served staff and give preferential
Supply uniform : each Summertime and wintertime
Medical Support
Fully cover medical expenses when industrial accident incurred.
Medical support for spouse and dependent family
Support Medical check for the person and his spouse who are over 40years old
Regular Medical Check and prevention check
Leisure activity support
Policy on vacation : Implemented 40 hours works for week Summer vacation
( 5 days )

Manages leisure facility for corporation and its staff .

Support company club

Support for developing capability
Education expense support for work efficiency
for keeping health and expense for physical health development